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Project management is the discipline of carefully projecting or planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. PMO- A project management office is a group or department within a business, agency or enterprise that defines and maintains standards for project management within the organization.Project Management Services and consultancy not only include PMO Deployment. But it has other criteria like PMO Operation and Enhancement, Project Portfoli Management,Project Review and Recovery.

Project Management Office
Project Management Office (PMO) Deployment

PMOs are the centre of strategic responsibilities. PMO handles the project management processes, resource planning, forecasting, and other business demands. A well-managed Project Management Office (PMO) can address these challenges in order to ensure successful project delivery. GNR work with clients and help them deploying a new PMO, operate a PMO, or optimize and enhance an existing PMO .

Project Portfolio Management
Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Services

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is the centralized management of the processes, methods, and technologies used by project managers and project management offices to analyze and collectively manage current or proposed projects. PPM responsibilities includes Pipeline Management, Resource Management, Change Control, Risk Management, Financial Management. PPM does not involve running the projects.

PMO Operations and Enhancement Services
PMO Operations and Enhancement Services

Project Management Office (PMO) can address these challenges in order to ensure successful project delivery.The first step PM Solutions takes in deploying a PMO is to assess the current environment and develop a deployment roadmap. PM Solutions works in partnership with you to understand your goals and establish a structure that will achieve them. Enhancing an Existing PMO is also a role of PMO.

Project Analysis Review
Project Analysis, Review & Recovery Services

Project failure can be costly and time consuming to your organization. Project Masters’ products and services are aimed at taking all the necessary steps to enhance project and program delivery, and therefore preventing project failure. We will present a detailed report identifying our findings and prioritized recommendations. We will work with the client to plan best action of recovery and help during the process.

Our Project Management Approach

We provide highly experience project managers who are capable to handle PM solutions.

  • Our consultants are skilled at conducting rapid diagnosis of problems, instituting course corrections, and bringing projects back on track.
  • We can take charge of PMOs and similar organizations, run them for you for short or long term duration, and transition them back to you when you’re ready.
  • If your people are proficient in some areas but not so much in others ,we can provide the expertise you need in all areas of Project Management.
  • We provide supplementing resources when demand exceeds capacity. From Business Analysts to Project Controllers to Program Managers, we can help fill your staffing shortages.
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