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Horticulture is the science of growing and care of plants & Trees. It involves plant propagation and trimming and watering of plants. In one word- we can say “Complete Care of Plants and gardens.” Company takes careful planning to grow and care of plants. It’s also about controlling light, water, temperature, and soil to create the best environment for plant growth. Horticulture Services also includes plant trimming process, gardening process etc. by our trained staff. We care for Office gardens & Nurseries,Green keeping & Turf care. We have special team of Horticulture specialists.

Soil Preparation
Soil Preparation

Preparing Soil and make this ready for Plants to grow.

Applying Fertilizer
Applying Fertilizer

Fertilizing & saving gardens from unwanted herbs.

Watering of Garden

Regular Watering as per the requirement for plants

Gardening work

Removing unwanted grass and herbs from the garden.

Green Keeping
Green Keeping

Keeping the garden are attractive and green for everyone.

Plant Care
Plant Care

Plant Care includes all about plants and garden treatment.

Functions we perform
  • Prepare soils in planting beds prior to the installation of plant materials.
  • Prepare planting bed layout, and install plant materials according to plans.
  • Apply fertilizers or pesticides as directed.
  • Transplant and/or divide plant materials from display beds when required.
  • Cultivate soil. Water, weed, transplant, fertilize, or thin out plant material in planting beds as directed.
  • Represent the Garden at civic or professional meetings or trade shows.
  • Maintain and repair gardening hand tools and equipment.
  • Requisition materials and supplies using in-house procedures as needed.
  • Keep working area or garden are safe and clean.
  • Wear and/or use appropriate safety equipment.
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