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A engineering services that meet and care the technical functions of different areas. It includes Civil Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Electronics and telecommunication engineering etc. Our services are delivered and managed by an experienced team of engineers and quality assurance professionals. We not only correct the problem but also ensure to avoid such failures in several fields. GNR engineering services team is made up of specialists in their field. We focus our talents and efforts to create effective and efficient solutions for our customers in the areas of safety, reducing operating costs, and improving productivity.

DG & Electrical
CCTV Setup
Battery & UPS
Fire Services
Our Strength

We provide highly experience project managers who are capable to handle PM solutions.

  • Operation and maintenance of all types of electrical installations such as HT/LT Panels, ATS,VCBS, HVAC, All circuit breakers.
  • Installation of UPS, Maintenance of USB, Load monitoring, Battery replacement and health check, report generation.
  • Operation and maintenance of Diesel Generator (DG), AMF panels, DG synchronization, Voltage Control. Operation & Monitoring of BMS system.
  • Installation of CCTV devices, monitoring of activities video, recording and maintenance of entire system.
  • Operation and maintenance of solar power plant, battery charging, battery change and regular monitoring.
  • Operation & Maintenance Fire Alarm systems , Fire Panels, Fire hydrant system, Water Leak Detection system etc.
  • Plumbing ,carpentry and other civil works.
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